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4th supplier encounter:

Good practices in infrastructure projects

On March 3, 2023, the fourth edition of the encounter with suppliers was held to strengthen commercial relations and share important information with this stakeholder audience.

As part of the communication strategy and articulated work of Pavimentos Colombia with all its stakeholders, since 2019 the encounters with suppliers “Good practices in infrastructure projects” were implemented.

During the fourth edition – Paving a sustainable and inclusive path in our value chain, held in March 2023, new processes, regulations and good practices of the organization that seek to generate a positive impact on our operation and stakeholders were shared.

In this way, emphasis was placed on the program that Pavimentos Colombia currently has for leading suppliers of the organization to implement the MIG SCORE, and as a result, they can carry out their gender equality and diversity policies, as well as a protocol for the prevention, detection and attention of sexual and labor harassment in their companies.

Likewise, good practices in diversity, inclusion and gender equality were shared, disseminating the organization’s new Guide for Inclusive Language. The purpose of this document is to recognize and exalt diversity, under the premise of respect for others. It also provides empathetic narrative tools so that Pavimentos Colombia personnel, suppliers, strategic allies and outsourcers can relate to the people they come into contact with in the context of the operation.

This edition had the participation of the areas of OSH and Social, Supply, Quality, Legal, Compliance, Treasury, CSR, Communications and Environmental Sustainability, who shared important information on each of the processes, to bring business relationships to a successful conclusion. We also had the participation of around 100 suppliers, strategic allies and/or contractors.

Finally, we held the second edition of the recognition of suppliers for their good organizational practices in the CSR, OSH and environmental categories. On this occasion, Sisomaq, Vinilploter AG, MGM Ingeniería y Proyectos, OP Construvías, CO2CERO and Mundial Ecológico were awarded for their excellent organizational practices and support to Pavimentos Colombia in its operation.

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