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the tunnel boring machine that arrived at the construction of Transmilenio Av. 68 – group 7

With the arrival of the tunnel boring machine ‘Isabella’, began the construction of the pluvial collector Emisario Norte in the project of Transmilenio 68th Avenue – Group 7.

On February 4 began the construction of the Emisario Norte rainwater collector, which is part of the works that the IDU harmonized with the EAAB in order to take advantage of the construction of the Transmilenio roadway, to separate rainwater from sewage. This work is part of the construction of the IDU-0351 project of the Transmilenio roadway along Congreso Eucarístico Avenue from 66th Street to 65th Street, where it is worth mentioning that it will be a shared work between groups 7, 8 and 9 who participate in the construction of the Transmilenio roadway.

In group 7, in charge of Consorcio Infraestructura Av.68, the pipeline will have a diameter of 2.2m, a length of 950m and the pipe will be installed at an average depth of 7m. The technology used for the construction of this collector is called Pipe Jacking, which allows the installation of this pipe without trench, avoiding affecting mobility with road closures, as well as social, economic and/or environmental impacts.

This technique substantially reduces excavation and backfilling volumes, which translates into a smaller carbon footprint and less impact on the city’s mobility, caused by the long trips that dump trucks must make to transport the excavation or quarry material.

Isabella, the name of the daughter of the construction manager of Group 7 and with which this tunnel boring machine (TBM) was baptized, is one of the largest that has been introduced in the city of Bogota, which will have the task of drilling about 1 kilometer to connect with the Salitre drainage channel, completing this great work of the rainwater drainage system.