in large-scale projects such as dual lanes, viaducts, airport runways and taxiways and, urban development, specializing in the execution of sustainable projects that generate value in Colombia and Peru. We have built more than 110 road infrastructure projects, participated in eight road concessions in Colombia and the Ilo Tacna concession in Peru, and currently we have 15 infrastructure projects under execution.

For 53 years, we have been developing transportation infrastructure projects that generate value for Colombia and the region. We are a company founded under a philosophy of social justice and sustainability, with a deep corporate commitment to the defense of human rights, the environment and the construction of a more egalitarian and inclusive country for future generations.


We develop sustainable transportation infrastructure projects that generate value, with corporate social responsibility as our banner.


We develop sustainable transportation infrastructure projects that generate value, with corporate social responsibility as our banner.


By 2026, Pavimentos Colombia will be an organization with an average Operating Profit Margin of 17% for the last five years, with an average annual growth of 10%.


Pavimentos Colombia S.A.S. and Industrias Asfálticas S.A.S., as companies dedicated to the execution of studies and designs of infrastructure projects, exploitation and crushing of stone materials, production of asphalt mix, construction of infrastructure projects and execution of soil and pavement tests; we are committed to comply with the relevant legal and contractual requirements related to safety hazards, occupational health, road safety, environmental aspects and those that arise in the development of our corporate purpose, by assigning the necessary resources for effective management, in order to provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and the presence of occupational diseases, as well as, deaths and serious injuries as a result of traffic accidents on the road; generating spaces for the consultation and participation of our employees about the elements of the management system, by means of a competent and committed human resource for the sustained success of the Organization.

It is our commitment and responsibility to promote the quality of working life, road safety as everyone’s business, the protection of the environment, biodiversity and archaeological heritage, through the identification, control, compensation and reduction or elimination of the harmful effects that affect the environment, property, community, health and safety of employees, suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and road users; by implementing measures for the prevention of incidents, occupational diseases, traffic accidents and environmental sustainability strategies that promote mitigation and adaptation to climate change and the prevention of environmental pollution, as well as the circular economy through the reduction, reuse, and recovery of solid waste.

It is our priority to keep contributing to the development of the country through the execution of projects with the best quality and the implementation of social responsibility programs, achieving profitability, the continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System and the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

16th edition – Release date: 2022-13-06



National Engineering Award – “El Cune” False Tunnel

Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenieros

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenieros, the award for the best engineering work executed in the country, 2012 edition, was presented. This award was given to Consorcio Sabana de Occidente S.A., integrated by Pavimentos Colombia SAS; Mario Huertas Cortes – MHC; Ingenieros Civiles Industriales – ICEIN; Concay and Estudios Técnicos SA, for the construction of the false tunnel “El Cune”, located in El Cune, Villeta, Cundinamarca.

Business Trajectory Award
Cámara Colombiana de Infraestructura

National Award “To the Business Trajectory”, granted by Cámara Colombiana de Infraestructura, in recognition of 43 years of management in Colombia, which have contributed to the progress and growth of the country.

VIII CEMEX Works Award – 1st and 2nd Place

CEMEX Works Award 2012, infrastructure category, first place for “El Cune” false tunnel and the Cr.44 Bridge in Cali.

Out of the ordinary company recognition
UN – New York

In the context of the annual event of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles in New York, USA, the UN recognized our company as a “Not business as usual” for the excellent work practices focused on gender equity and women’s empowerment, in addition to the fulfillment of Social Responsibility directed to our employees, communities, and the environment.

National Award for Infrastructure Excellence
Cámara Colombiana de Infraestructura

National Award for Infrastructure Excellence, business category, granted by Cámara Colombiana de Infraestructura.

ANDESCO CSR Award – Best Corporate Governance Environment

Special award in the category “Best Corporate Governance environment for companies in another sector of the National Economy”, for our performance in this area, among 189 companies in the country that were participating, as part of the 11th ANDESCO Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Fenalco Solidario Colombia Social Distinction
Corporación Fenalco Solidario

Fenalco Solidario Colombia Social Distinction, for good social and environmental practices, which positively impact communities and different sectors of society within the context of our operation.

SRC Distinction
CEMEFI - [Mexican Center for Philanthropy] - Mexico

“Socially Responsible Company” Distinction from 2011 to 2018, for having effectively covered the evidence and actions in relation to the fundamental areas of Social Responsibility in: Quality of Life in the Company; Ethics and Corporate Governance; Binding with the Community and; Care and Preservation of the Environment.

Building a Path toward Energy Efficiency Recognition
Corporación Ambiental Empresarial CAEM in partnership with UNDP, GEF and CAR

Recognition as a Proactive Company for demonstrating continuous environmental improvement, implementing strategies that are committed to environmental sustainability.

Silver Certification of Labor Equity

Equipares Silver Certification of Labor Equity, recognized by the Ministry of Labor and UNDP, for our implementation of “Actions for equality and good labor practices”.

Inspiring Tranquility Silver Award
ARL Bolívar

Recognition awarded to Pavimentos Colombia for its work, dedication and commitment to the management of occupational risks of our employees.

District Environmental Excellence Program – PREAD
Secretaría Distrital de Ambiente

Elite Category of the District Environmental Excellence Program – PREAD of the District Environmental Secretariat. This is due to the rational use of natural resources, the reduction of pollutant loads and the development of environmental initiatives.

Company Committed to the Circular Economy
Corporación Fenalco Solidario

National recognition as a Company committed to the Circular Economy, granted by the Fenalco Solidario Corporation, during the 2022 Mega Sustainability Congress.