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Pavimentos Colombia

releases methodology Bogota: la ciudad que soñamos

Pavimentos Colombia, together with the Urban Development Institute (Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano IDU) and the Global Compact Colombia network, developed a pedagogical methodology that seeks to impact children in the areas of influence of our projects.

Bogota: la ciudad que soñamos (Bogota: the city we dream of) is a booklet developed in an inter-institutional manner that includes three pedagogical objectives: citizenship, territory and road safety, accompanied by a physical and digital toolbox to complement the activities. This methodology seeks to provide citizenship skills for children, including the principle of co-responsibility in the care and sustainability of the infrastructure.

In this regard, on August 31, the booklet was presented at the event “Urban development from the perspective of children”, with the participation of the IDU Director, Diego Sánchez, the Secretary of Education, Edna Bonilla, the Executive Director of the Global Compact Colombia Network, Mauricio López and the President of Pavimentos Colombia, Luz María Jaramillo.

During the event, our President emphasized the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in infrastructure projects, as well as the results that can be obtained by working together and with consolidated alliances, seeking sustainability and ownership of the works executed.

Likewise, Mónica Mesa, Director of OSH and Social of Pavimentos Colombia was in charge of presenting the final content of the booklet to the participants, and Mónica Colin, Director of CSR and Quality of Life in Pavimentos Colombia shared in a session the good CSR practices of Pavimentos Colombia.

To learn more about this methodology we invite you to visit the following web page.

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