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Pavimentos Colombia

sponsors two girls in the She’s an Astronaut program

Pavimentos Colombia in alliance with She Is Foundation joined the She Is Astronaut program in its 2022 edition, to sponsor two girls who are relatives of our staff and thus bring their dreams closer to the stars.

This week the dream and efforts of 35 girls came true, as they lived an immersion at the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas, USA, after 5 months of preparation and training in thematic areas such as STEAM careers, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, women empowerment and sustainable development.

During the immersion, the girls were able to tour the Space Center, participate in different technology and robotics challenges, share with Diana Trujillo, a Colombian aerospace engineer who is currently NASA’s Flight Director, visit the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory; a submerged space station used by astronauts for training, among other unforgettable moments.

In this opportunity, 35 girls from different countries in Latin America, seek to break the paradigms of poverty and gender equality, and also to be an example of empowerment for girls around the region. Sofía Vargas Lasso (Bogotá D.C) and Diana Lorena Soler Pedreros (Boyacá), girls sponsored by Pavimentos Colombia, are now part of the crew members of She is an astronaut who are graduating from a successful mission.

This sponsorship is part of our commitment to gender equity, diversity and inclusion, and creating opportunities for girls in our community in STEAM careers.

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