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at TEDx Talks

Luz María Jaramillo participated in TEDxBogotá Mujeres to present the achievements of Pavimentos Colombia, a successful company after 48 years in the market, which was founded under the premise of being both fair and sustainable.

Luz María Jaramillo Domínguez, President and Co-Founder of Pavimentos Colombia, participated as a speaker at TEDxBogotá Mujeres presenting Pavimentos Colombia SAS as a company out of the ordinary. This space sought to generate a conversation to recognize the power of Luz María Jaramillo as a woman, because her ideas, commitments and actions are agents of change for our society.

In this opportunity, Luz María Jaramillo shared her experience in the foundation of Pavimentos Colombia under a successful alliance with her husband Gabriel Méndez Luque, which was established with the dream of having a fair and sustainable company. In this way, the purpose was to unite the technical knowledge in road construction and the human quality of the staff.

During the talk, emphasis was placed on the aspects in which the company fulfills social responsibility today: within the company, with the communities it impacts and the environment.

“If we fight for our people and work with them, we do things properly and we build a country, and if we build a country, we build peace.”

Today, after 48 years in the market, Pavimentos Colombia has consolidated its reputation in the sector and the country for its excellence and human quality, standing out in social responsibility and gender equity in the industry.

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