Aeropuerto El Dorado

Construction of quick exit New North Runway, Sewage, Aqueduct, Electrical and Beaconing Networks, Improvement of taxiways, Construction of Mike 2 taxiway, Construction of Depressed vehicular passageway at El Dorado Airport. Expansion, reconstruction and paving of the parallel taxiway and connection to the platform at El Dorado Airport. Expansion of the International Platform, South West Sector Parking lots and detours on the road leading to the El Dorado Airport military air transport. Resurfacing of the South Runway and taxiways M, V, U, T, P, N, D, R, S, W, X, Y, F and Z of El Dorado Airport. Repaving of the North Runway (13L – 31R) and Main taxiways of El Dorado Airport.

Type: Contract

Status: Executed

Contracting entity: Aerocivil / CODAD / CCND / OPAIN

Zone: Urban

City or Municipality: Bogotá

Department: Cundinamarca

Country: Colombia

Starting date: 1/10/1979

Completion date: 18/1/2018